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Specialist In Foam Roller Manufacturing

Since 2012, Foam Rollery • China has been a professional foam roller supplier who is only focusing on foam roller products for over 5 years. We have been following and implementing high standard production and quality control criteria. That is why foam rollers from us can be quickly sold out for customer’s markets. We also provide exceptional value added services to meet customer needs which include OEM manufacture, Private Label, Amazon FBA arrangement.

Trigger Point Foam Roller

Trigger point grid foam rollers are currently the most popular model for end user markets which are made of high quality EVA foam and hard & hollow core tubes. Shapes, sizes and colors can be customized with Logo printing available.

High Density Foam Roller

High Density EPP Foam Roller has been becoming more and more popular among customers. They are usually made in black and can also be speckled. Shapes, sizes and colors can be customized with Logo printing available.

EVA Foam Roller

Made of durable and resilient EVA foam, Solid EVA Foam Roller has been finished with textured massage points. They are specially designed for physical therapy. Sizes and colors can be customized with Logo printing available.

Foam Roller Kits

We offer customers all types of foam roller kits such as specially assembled foam rollers with inner foam core or storage caps. Also in this kit, we can provide custom packaging such as carry bags for each foam rollers.

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Our Core Competences

As a specialized foam roller manufacturer, our focus is never on sales techniques persuading customers to place order for us, but on foam roller products that can really help customers win their end markets. Our success is when we and customers both succeed. With our sophisticated industry & manufacturing experience, we are positive to meet any up-to-date needs from customers and markets.

Premium Quality

From foam roller product to outer packaging, even products barcode and marks, all this information will be well inspected by our in-house QC staff to ensure every safe shipment.

Great Services

We are skilled to offer customers any private label or OEM service. We also undertake thorough check of shipment information and marks for Amazon selling customers.

Professional Team

We are lucky to have our dedicated and hardworking sales team for handling each customer projects. Our professional and quick response can save you a lot of time and energy.

Creative Solutions

By exploiting our vast manufacture expertise, we love to share our ideas and solutions with customers which can always be a helpful backup for potential needs.

What Our Customers Say

“We have been doing business with Foam Rollery for almost 3 years, and they have never missed a deadline or been disappointed. This means a lot when you have to handle both supply chain and marketing . They truly work for you and I consider them a part of our team. They are always our top supplier in China.”


“We were so impressed with their fast service and product quality. That helped our project a lot. I will be recommending their products to friends and keep working with them.”


“The foam rollers we have purchased from Foam Rollery were stellar. They provided us one of the best customer services from suppliers in China and has helped a lot to build our online business on Amazon.”


Latest News

Here we keep updating news concerning foam roller product knowledge, selection guide, usage and market trends. Share it if you find it useful for others!

Who We Work With

The professional fast service and strict quality control make us stand out from the herd. We appreciate the honor to be the trusted foam roller supplier for our customers all over the world.

Foam Roller Specialist

Focus On Foam Roller Manufacture, Private Label & Amazon FBA Services.

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