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Who Are Foam Rollery?

As a part of FOAMTECH, Foam Rollery has been dedicated to providing all types of exercise foam rollers for customers worldwide.

Here you will be working with a young, energetic and industrious international team, who can always quickly responds to customer needs with effective solutions. Digging into foam roller products for years, our team member can always deliver the most helpful expertise for customers’ projects.

We have the capability to produce custom foam rollers according to customer provided design. Also with vast experiences on private labels and Amazon FBA service, we are proud to be the trustworthy supplier of foam rollers for customers who are selling online or offline with their own branding.


What Types Of Foam Rollers We Make?

Here you can get premium foam rollers from a China leading foam roller manufacturer with a high cost-effective pricing. By utilizing state of art injection molding machinery, we are capable of producing and developing foam rollers in all types of material from EVA foam to EPP foam. Check out to find out what foam rollers you like best!


Trigger Point Grid Foam Roller

Made of durable EVA foam and hollow hard core pipe, the trigger point foam rollers are perfect for self-massage and physical therapy. Its multi-dimensional surface provides the feeling of a massage therapist’s hands to help channel blood, improve oxygen flow, and heal tissue. Also its hollow core design makes it much portable for traveling and outdoor use. The outside EVA foam can be produced in different firmness according to customer needs.


High Density EPP Foam Roller

The Expanded Polypropylene (EPP) foam rollers are becoming more and more popular among consumers. They are currently called high density foam roller. But this is not correct technically. They are of low density in fact but with high firmness. When using the EPP foam roller, you can quickly have the high firmness feeling which is different from using EVA foam rollers. EPP foam rollers can be provided in both solid core version and hollow core version.


Solid Core EVA Foam Roller

Made of premium closed cell EVA foam, solid core EVA foam roller can deliver long-term softer compression for users. The solid core can provide consistent supporting when rolling on it. The foam rollers are finishing with anti-slip textured surface which can deeply enhance grip performance. They are also offered in a wide range of color options with custom Logo printing available.


Custom Foam Roller Kits

Custom foam roller kits are an attractive portfolio we can provide for customers. To cater to different customer needs, we have the capabilities and experience to provide various foam roller kits. This refer to so much things such as extra foam core or plastic end caps for hollow trigger point foam rollers. It also includes different custom packaging for foam rollers such as custom carrying bag etc..

What Capabilities We Possess?

Foam Rollery has the capabilities to deliver high quality fitness foam rollers for markets. From US, you can be easily accessible to a wide range of our existing foam roller styles without extra molding charge. Meanwhile we are able to provide a series of value added services for customers.

We are the only one company in China who is just focusing on exercise foam rollers with all types available!

With over 5 years manufacturing experience of foam rollers, Foam Rollery has the confidence to be expert in this filed. We have the capability to produce exercise foam rollers in various types of foam materials including EVA foam and EPP foam which are the most popular types for current market.

Having specialized in-house injection molding machinery equipped, we are capable of producing all types of foam rollers. Moreover, it can always be the guarantee of a fast delivery for your order.

DON’T FORGET the biggest benefit you can get from us is you can simply save a lot on injection molding cost. We have self-developed a lot of foam roller styles. This means you can have lots of styling options for foam rollers free of charge.

Sometimes customers may want to have foam rollers with their own designs. It usually refers to custom design of trigger point grid or custom embossed company Logo on foam rollers. The specially designed grid foam rollers can deeply enhance their branding and make them different from other competitors’ product.

Besides working on standard exercise foam rollers, we can also provide sophisticated and trusted OEM manufacturing service for customers. Based on our previous OEM experiences, we have the confidence to realize the design of your ideal foam rollers.

Just send us your design file and it will be carefully evaluated and adjusted by our technical engineers. Our dedicated sales team and engineers will assist you to ensure you have the premium OEM foam rollers based on your idea and design.

Foam Rollery has been experienced and flexible to provide customers various selection of private label services.

As for unit packaging for each foam roller, we typically use standard shrink wrap with custom printed paper label card. Also custom printed paper box is also available for packing each unit of foam roller. Moreover, for each foam roller, we can even provide customers with portable carry case.

Finally the finished mass order will be well packed by strong corrugated cartons for shipment. All shipping marks can be well organized according to customers’ requirements.

DON’T FORGET your company Logo can be printed on exercise foam rollers and all private label packaging.

We always appreciated the strong and close partnership with customers. So we can work together in view of big picture on long term run. This makes us not just looking at short-term interest for ourselves, but focus on how we can contribute to the long term success for both of us.

With sophisticated coordinating experience for customers selling on Amazon, we are confident to provide comprehensive Amazon related service. By working with our trusted and professional Amazon FBA shipping agents, we can operate your foam rollers from initial production, private label packaging to FBA fulfillment to Amazon warehouse. When you teamwork with us, everything related to foam rollers selling on Amazon can be taken well charged by us, which can greatly save you lots of time & energy and help you focus on online selling and marketing.

With us, you can sell more simply and easily on Amazon!

Foam Rollery are more capable than what you expected.

We can walk every step forward with you till everything is ready. Tell us your idea and let’s talk!

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